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Home » 2011 » June » 19 » Membrane Structure
9:48 PM
Membrane Structure

An Electron microscopic view of membranes

Surface specializations

Membrane Specializations: Microvilli 

The purpose of this final presentation is to introduce a surface specialization that projects from membranes called the microvillus. It is covered by a plasma membrane and encloses cytoplasm and microfilaments. Typically microvilli are found in absorptive cells, whenever there is a need for an increase in surface area.

It is also covered by a glycocalyx which are peripheral glycoproteins that attach themselves to the membrane. It might be used to trap nutrients, protect against toxic subxtances, or adhere to substances needed for uptake. Enzymes used for the cell's function are stored in this region, depending on the cell type.This figure was modified from Bloom and Fawcett, A Textbook of Histology, Chapman and Hall, N.Y., Twelfth Edition, 1994, Figure 2-17.

The figures to the right show views of microvilli cut transversely.  Note that the microvilli are lined with the Unit membrane . (top figure) The core of filaments may allow them to move, although such movement is not as great as that of cilia or flagella This figure was modified from Bloom and Fawcett, A Textbook of Histology, Chapman and Hall, N.Y., Twelfth Edition, 1994, Figure 2-18

The lower figure shows a scanning electron micrograph of the luminal surface of the oviduct. It illustrates one difference between cilia and microvilli. The longer projections are cilia and the shorter projections are microvilli.

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