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Main » 2009 » September » 11 » Scope Of Bio-Informatics
1:10 AM
Scope Of Bio-Informatics

Scope Of Bio-Informatics

Skills Required:

   Before checking the scope of bioinformatics, we first try to make a birds eye view of the skills which are required by a bioinformatician.

  1. Complete Command On Programming(At least One Language)
  2. Good Understanding Of Biological Problems
  3. Able To Implement Statistical Models
Internationally Bio-Informatics Scope:

   If we see bioinformatists internationally they are involved in:

  1. Drug Designing
  2. Analysis
  3. Teaching At Different Levels
  4. Tool Development
  5. Database Designers
  6. Involved In Wet-labs
  7. Researchers

Status Of Bio-Informatics In Pakistan:

  1. Undergraduate Degree Programs
  2. Sporadic Workshops
  3. Post Graduate Programs To Very Limited Areas
  4. Apparent Hesitation In Biologists

Now lets take an eye on its scope in Pakistan.

Scope In Pakistan:

  1. Not Industrialized Yet And May Not Be In Near Future
  2. Qualified Graduates Required In Teaching
  3. Setting Up And Sustaining Research Is Cheaper
  4. International Collaborations
  5. Designing Databases And Softwares

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@Ansari plz answer

mtlb iska scope Pak. my gud nai hai na ?yu if B.S kry ho Pak. my to yu k kitny % chances hain k yu ko kahan n kesi job mly gi ?

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